July Film Diary

Friday 3rd July
Mr Holmes (PG) - 6.00pm

San Andreas (12A) - 8.30pm

Saturday 4th July
Mr Holmes (PG) - 3.30pm

Mr Holmes (PG) - 6.00pm

San Andreas (12A) - 8.30pm

Sunday 5th July
Globe on Screen: Julius Caesar - 3.30pm

Mr Holmes (PG) - 7.00pm

Monday 6th July
Mr Holmes (PG) - 6.00pm

Clouds of Sils Maria (15) - 8.30pm

Tuesday 7th July
Mr Holmes (PG) - 6.00pm

San Andreas (12A) - 8.30pm

Wednesday 8th July
Clouds of Sils Maria (15) - 6.00pm

Mr Holmes (PG) - 8.45pm

Thursday 9th July
Mr Holmes (PG) - 10.30am

San Andreas (12A) - 6.00pm

Mr Holmes (PG) - 8.30pm

Friday 10th July
Spy (15) - 6.00pm

Avengers: Age of Ultron (12A) - 8.45pm

Saturday 11th July
Woman in Gold (12A) - 3.00pm

Avengers: Age of Ultron (12A) - 5.30pm

Spy (15) - 8.30pm

Sunday 12th July
Elsa & Fred (12A) - 5.00pm

Spooks: The Greater Good (15) - 7.15pm

Monday 13th July
Spooks: The Greater Good (15) - 6.00pm

Woman in Gold (12A) - 8.30pm

Tuesday 14th July
The Perks of Being a Wallflower (12A) - 6.00pm

Dark Horse: The Incredible True Story of Dream Alliance (PG) - 8.30pm

Wednesday 15th July
Elsa & Fred (12A) - 6.00pm

Spy (15) - 8.15pm

Thursday 16th July

Elsa & Fred (12A) - 10.30am

National Theatre Live: Everyman - 7.00pm

Spy (15) - 9.00pm

Friday 17th July
The Choir (PG) - 6.15pm

Survivor (12A) - 8.45pm

Saturday 18th July
The Choir (PG) - 2.00pm

The Choir (PG) - 4.30pm

Andre Rieu's 2015 Maastricht Concert Live - 7.00pm

Sunday 19th July
The Choir (PG) - 5.00pm

The Longest Ride (12A) - 7.30pm

Monday 20th July
The Choir (PG) - 6.00pm

The Longest Ride (12A) - 8.30pm

Tuesday 21st July
Survivor (12A) - 6.00pm

The Choir (PG) - 8.15pm

Wednesday 22nd July
Royal Shakespeare Company Live: The Merchant of Venice - 7.00pm

Thursday 23rd July
The Choir (PG) - 10.30am

The Longest Ride (12A) - 6.00pm

The Choir (PG) - 8.45pm

Friday 24th July
Minions (U) - 6.00pm

Jurassic World (12A) - 8.15pm

Saturday 25th July
Minions (U) - 3.45pm

Minions (U) - 6.00pm

Jurassic World (12A) - 8.15pm

Sunday 26th July
Minions (U) - 2.45pm

Ruth & Alex (12A) - 5.00pm

Jurassic World (12A) - 7.15pm

Monday 27th July
Minions (U) - 3.45pm

Slow West (15) - 6.00pm

Jurassic World (12A) - 8.00pm

Tuesday 28th July
Minions (U) - 3.45pm

Jurassic World (12A) - 6.00pm

We Are Many (12A) - 8.45pm

Wednesday 29th July
Minions (U) - 3.45pm

Ruth & Alex (12A) - 6.00pm

Jurassic World (12A) - 8.15pm

Thursday 30th July
Ruth & Alex (12A) - 10.30am

Jurassic World (12A) - 3.15pm

Minions (U) - 6.00pm

Slow West (15) - 8.15pm